Alice Provensen (not really) (ibn_rafferty) wrote,
Alice Provensen (not really)

up, up , and ... erm... up!

i am now awake at the most sleepy time ever invented. that being between the hours of about 9 and 11:45 a.m. i'm attempting to stay up all day so that i can go to sleep early tonight and get back on a day schedule. i wouldn't care too much either way but it's not considerate to record music late into the night. then again, dave is the closest person and the day is when he'll be sleeping.. then again, he's not likely to call the cops about noise.. so maybe it's not so much that i want to be considerate.. i just don't want to be fined and shut up. sheesh. i remember when staying up for 24 hoours was a piece of cake. ive never really stayed up that long.. the longest, in fact, would probably be about 50 hours. i know many people who claim to have stayed up 60+ hours.. i wonder what that is like.......
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