Alice Provensen (not really) (ibn_rafferty) wrote,
Alice Provensen (not really)

post post office

every week when i check my email i also go to the post office and drop off whatever letters i am sending out that week. when i send envelopes full of my words to people i like to make sure that they are handed to a person.. i've never fully trusted mailboxes or mail slots of any kind... so naturally there is a lady who works at the post office who points out to me everytime i hand her my mail that i don't have to stand in line.. she even gives me the same pamphlet and roll of air mail stickers every time (i send letters across the seas) ...... i dont know what to say to this. the first few times i told her that i didnt mind standing in line.. i even told her that i enjoy it (in a weird sort of way this is true.) but she keeps giving me "the memo" ... and i know she recognizes me because she always asks me if i got the information last time.. i say... "yeah, i got it" and she hands me more.... sigh.. maybe it bothers her to have to deal with people that she shouldnt have to.. i can respect that.. but i wish that she would respect my mail slot neurosis..... actually, i bet that if i went into my mail slot thingie right there in front of her she might finally stop badgering me about it.. i guess that none of this is really important, but it's funny to me in a vaguely-frustrating-yet-somewhat-personal-and-rememberable-so-it's-actually-quite-alright sort of way.
oh! and i managed to hold iceland and nothing else to a stalemate in a game of risk (though if chase had been luckier and more patient he could have easily taken me in a few more turns)
and i'm hungry
and i'm slightyly hungover
and i'm wearing optimism like a clip-on tie.
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