Alice Provensen (not really) (ibn_rafferty) wrote,
Alice Provensen (not really)


3rd morning in portland (the name of which i hear {though perhaps in jest} is NOT because of the rivers running through it but because the 2 people who named it were from portland maine and boston massoftwoshits and they flipped a coin to decide which of their home towns to name it after)
played puzzle pirates for the first time. it's pretty neat. arr!
ive enjoyed my trip a lot thus far. the highlights i think were san diego (i love the dunes on the way!) and the berkeley bowl. portland is under snow or i might consider it to be the highlight. it's a beautiful town but slush does a lot to cripple my oppinion of something... take friends for example... would i want to hang out with someone covered in snow? hell no!! well, maybe john. but then, john could be covered in just about anything so you have to be prepared for that..
urp. not looking forward to the drive back.. though stopping through john's will be fun. i still havent heard the finished ***.
looking forward to finishing the 3rd ghost of monkshood!
i hope that chase is ready. and speaking of chase, he would have loved the bookstore that i went to yesterday. everyone would love this bookstore.
pacific northwest.
the question and answer of where to be is so often financial. buh.
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