Alice Provensen (not really) (ibn_rafferty) wrote,
Alice Provensen (not really)

here he comes. you'd better watch your step.

so now i've finished our album... and my birthday has come and gone... and i really have no excuse not to get a job except that i never want to work a crap job in norman again.. hmmmm.. there are possibilities of a temporary living situation in oklahoma city on the white horizon.. i wouldnt mind having a job in the city because i have no desire whatsoever to live there for one moment longer than i have to. that and it would be a better place to get gigs. if i could make a little extra oregon money by playing shows i would feel good about it... well, now ive at least commited these these thoughts to cyber space.. so i'm more likely to go with them. what would really be ideal is for a few thousand dollars to fall into my lap (though since that almost literally happened about a year ago i might have used up that kind of luck) so that i can look for a job on the west coast instead. i hate these temporary but still semi-permanent things... they'll nickle and dime your life away.. sigh.. well, at least i'm having a good time anyway. Not as good a time as i COULD be having, i suppose, but nice. i saw some footprints on the sidewalk today (they were made of dog shit that somebody had stepped on in the grass a few yards away) and they made me laugh a lot. that peppermint soap that molly gave me for my birthday feels really nice on my face. life is good. not too rushed. full of little piles of interest and topped with friends all across the world. a few wants at this precise moment: a game of go with my excellent friend brendan. a bit of sinus with crouch, waylan, and brendan to go rollerskating with sister to go out to lunch with my dad to convince my mom that she should go to places that she wants to and feels that she can't for dave to find some people to play in his band for thom to move back to norman because i miss his ass for chase to find all of the stability in his environment that he desires.. a calm tent with a view perhaps for cynthia to survive the imminent arrival of her mother for a visit or word from all of my friends to remind me that i'm not really living in my own head. a pint of cream soda in a frozen glass with an inch and a half of creamy head (for you pervs out there, i have at least 2 inches, so don't take that the wrong direction) ok... so maybe more than a few wants, but that is a taste of where i am... actually, what i want more than almost anything is a flying bunkbead that can spirit me off to anyplace and anyone i would like to visit. few things are as comforting as friends and sleep. chase hopes to have a phone soon, so maybe i will be call-able before too long. until i hear your voices, good night and sleep as well as you live!
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