Alice Provensen (not really) (ibn_rafferty) wrote,
Alice Provensen (not really)

she flies with her own wings

wow, i never manage to take up the whole hour doing email stuff at the library, but i havent checked in about two weeks (a week and a half?.. ya know, i can't even remember) and ive tried to be thourough.
gosh. what's up?
living with chase in the electric bungalow for the week. caught the house cold, of course... i think that the apartment is very deserving of the name oz. only the wizard in the case must be chemical. i don't know. maybe this was always the case. inspired by a list from chase, i am attempting to write down every book i have ever written. at first i thought that i would be saddened by how few it would be, but my list keeps getting longer and longer and shows no intention of stopping soon.. but the memory does not serve. i just thought of one: redwall. i had forgotten about that book.. and i started mossflower but never finished. i imagine that i would like it though.. hmmmm. the most recent book would be "the giving tree: by shel silverstein, is that how you spell it?.. ive always pronounced it "steen" but that looks like "stine" to me.. i'm always getting some little detail wrong. oh well. anyway, i hadnt read it before last night. i was amazed out how much it made me feel. golly. sometimes i wonder why i bother reading novels. why not just read a dozen or so well written short stories instead.. but i guess that i like long stories.
crap! ive only got 4 minutes left...... anything else to say? oh yeah. Chase and i finished the second ghost of monks-hood album, entitled "she flies with her own wings" there are a few copies at guestroom records for 3 bucks (i don't really want to charge but i just spent 40 bucks on the damned inserts {sorry brendan, i know that i should be saving for the house, but i think that i can make it back selling 80 albums.. hopefully.}) anyway, it's worth a listen, i think.
shit, one minute. bye bye
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