Alice Provensen (not really) (ibn_rafferty) wrote,
Alice Provensen (not really)


the inspiring weight of a world in all degrees.
my fingers have been busy workers.
our fruit is happiness fruit.
hands have been held. a particular feeling in the back of the neck creeping downward.
warm sweats.
my eyes burn less.
my mind ceases to worry.
i think i know now why people like me... and why they dislike me
me then
me now
they are compatible people
them then
them now
i love all the ones that still like to talk to me
even some that don't
the world is large and intriguing
my block still holds undiscovered interests
i xavor the xound of xilence
musical sounds i relate to more intimately
know thy ways
no disgrace
i am with the canada geese
i understand my role as a frog on their lilly pad
i am a frog on many lilly pads
new found eyes are flying away for a while
i eagerly will await their return
nothing can top the feeling of a well spent day
oh what a happy day
side by side
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