Alice Provensen (not really) (ibn_rafferty) wrote,
Alice Provensen (not really)

.. * .. ** ... ** ! ** .... *** !

  i have heard prop planes flying over the past few days.
   when i was young i heard them a lot more frequently.
    i wonder where it is they are going exactly.

     been painting often.
     working on a panel three by three.
     it is of a spidery planet with a human head grafted on
     drifting through a twilight of some kind or other.

this saturday is grandma lola's 90th birthday party.
it is also the day of a great parade of fire up in the city.
october is full of more mysterious events than one can shake
anything at.

  i got in two car accidents this week.... within 20 hours of each other.
  glad to be alive.
  forgotten how to talk to alive people about being alive.
  i ran out of physical journals.
  have to rely on the ekind i guess.

                                                           christopher  number 4
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