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ibn_rafferty's Journal

Alice Provensen (not really)
28 December
something is comming. it makes very little noise. my mind tells me it is some sort of orb. it must have tracked me... followed me to the future.. but why? I'm not even a necessary part of the plan... only one thing to do now .. *reaches into back pocket*

..... my name is not really alice provensen. forget that you ever heard that name is relation to this journal. that is all.
a fine-tuned pitchfork, agonizing over the evidence, allusions, alphabet soap, at liberty to say, bad date palms, bad example, benevolent plagues, bill, bite club, carnivores, centuries, cerealivores, cheese women, circumstance, coffee and a doughnut, contests, crispin glover, deep grumbly saxaphones, egg women, ex-bandmates, finding the right fit, fishting, fortitude, fountains of garth, games, gateways to causeways, ghetto-blasters, gin, giraffes, grunge chocolate, gut feelings, herbivores, hygiene, ideas, involuntary violations, jake, juice, knowing the answers, krull, laquered fun, launching the railcar, loading the evidence, losing the evidence, man women, matches, megalief, methods, middle earth, mileage, moving violations, never starting, nonsex, not quite stopping, omnivores, one woman man women, overly, oy veh, parking violations, peppermint patty, pig potty, pit madness, plural, pomp, poo poo tang, pouring, puberty, pumping violations, puppies, satisfying, scavengers, secret designs, secret weddings, shite., smallpox, smit, smooching violations, speling, splitting hares, sweet meat, tarot con queso, ted, texture, the fat man, the love-go-round, the ten commandments, the wrong trousers, tinkertoys, torque, traffic, tube socks, two thakes, unbitterness, vikings, viola violations, violations, virginia violations, volcanic violations, water pilots, watergate, weezer burn